Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures

Size: Size 3
Color: Pink
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Choosing a Zubits® size is about choosing the right magnetic strength for your needs. Sizes have almost nothing to do with your shoe size. Any size Zubits® fits just about any size shoe. Size #1 is the smallest size and size #3 is the largest size. The larger a size, the stronger its holding strength. The smaller the size, the easier it is to remove your shoe by popping or pulling it open. Most people find size #2 the best fit. Some people ask, "why not always choose the strongest strength, size #3?" The answer is that for some people size #3 is too strong for them to open easily when they want to get their shoes off. Children or elders might find size #3 difficult to open. Size #1 is easier to open and usually fine for people who just walk casually, elders, or people with special needs. But size #1 might be too weak and might come open unexpectedly if an adult ran in it. Size #2 is usually plenty secure for an adult to go jogging. Again, size #2 is our most popular size. If you like lacing your shoelaces really tight then we sometimes suggest choosing the next larger size.

Zubits Size #1 - Kid / Some Adults / Elders: . Recommended for children ages 3 to 8 years or adults who will not use their shoes athletically, such as for walks or going to the store. Also for elder adults or special needs individuals who need them to open easily when they want. If a kid is highly active or large, consider size #2.

Zubits Size #2 - Adult / Youth: . Recommended for ages 8 to adult for running and most recreational activity. This is the right size for most adults including those who run in sneakers. If you are a large adult or want to use Zubits® for active sports, consider size #3.

Zubits Size #3 - Performance / Active Use: . Recommended for larger individuals or anyone who will use Zubits® in recreational sports, trail running, stiffer soled shoes, people who like really tight laces, boots, or anyone who just wants the most secure hold for active use.





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